When Firemint has a new game, you should take notice. After making Flight Control, one of the most popular casual games in the App Store, and Real Racing 2, one of the most technologically advanced games in the App Store, it’s clear that Firemint is one of the best iOS development studios around. The next game in the pipeline from Firemint is Agent Squeek, which is already 2 years in the making, and now only a few short months away.

Firemint has great ambitions for Agent Squeek, which they hope to be the “Mario” of iOS. The game uses the path drawing mechanic of Flight Control, but builds upon it greatly. If you can imagine FLight COntrol as a level-based adventure game, then you have the broad idea for Agent Squeek.

You play as a mouse who tries to collect cheese and avoid cats, all while trying to save the world. Unfortunately, as it turns out for Agent Squeek, the cats have huge machines and have plans for domination that go beyond just the local neighborhood. The game will have multiple worlds, levels, as well as boss battles to make a full-featured path drawing platformer.

Agent Squeek feels like a combination of the smoothness of Flight Control, the stealthiness of 33rd Division, and the theme of Rodent’s Revenge. The game is effortless to control, and builds the difficulty wonderfully. It expands into extreme challenges and is primed to offer hours of gameplay.

Agent Squeek also offers plenty of strategy as you move stealthy about the levels, looking for hidden areas. In fact, the game is all about strategy, as you must maneuver through the cats without being seen. Soon, you reach new challenges, multiple obstacles besides just cats, and even new world elements, including the jungle and a volcano!

This isn’t a game you just run straight ahead full speed, either. You must make slight adjustments and concentrate on timing to make it through each level. Every level is a constantly moving puzzle with enough action to keep you glued to your device as you attempt to complete each level.

From first-hand experience, I can tell you that Agent Squeek looks to be a sure-fire hit, and of course, we will be sure to keep you apprised of when it hits the App Store!