Paw Print Games was in attendance at GDC last week, and they allowed us some hands-on time with their upcoming game, Kami Retro. The game is a puzzle platformer that is based on some great classic gaming lineage. Kami Retro is a puzzle platformer that combines elements from Lemmings, Mario, Jet Set Willy, and Rainbow Island.

Even if you’re unaware of the games Kami Retro is based on, you can appreciate the gameplay in the trailer:

Kami Retro is made for the touch screen as you flick on the screen to guide each Kami from the entrance to the exit. You also have tools, such as springs, ropes, and fans you can place to help the little “Kamis” cross the screen. Kami Retro includes five worlds with a total of 65 levels.

The graphics really blow you away as the game is bursting with color. Every pixel is flashing and sparkling in the re-imagined old school visuals. Kami Retro adds 3D elements to the classic art style of the games it’s based on.

Kami Retro is launching tomorrow, March 10th, so check back for our full review.