Illusion Labs has decided to ditch the skateboards for bicycles in Touchgrind BMX, the just-announced sequel to their hit multi-touch extreme sports game for iPhone and iPad.

Revealed this morning via a new gameplay trailer, Touchgrind BMX will feature the same challenging yet rewarding multi-touch controls that made the original game a massive hit. Your fingers will act as your hands and feet in the game in order to allow you to perform unbelievable stunts off of ramps and rails.

Also like the original game, you will be able to unlock additional bikes by achieving certain goals, but this time around there will be additional locations to ride through as well. You will also be able to replay your insane tricks over and over again, or share them with the world via YouTube.

That’s all we know about the game at this point, at least feature-wise. Illusion Labs has said Touchgrind BMX will be arriving in the App Store sometime this spring. As always, we will let you know the moment we receive any further details.