The Meredith Corporation recently released iPad versions of Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, and Fitness. It is the first time these magazines have been available on an iDevice.

The tablet editions are available for purchase on a single-issue basis through the iTunes store. Parents and Fitness are offered at $2.99 per issue, while Better Homes and Gardens is available for $3.99.

According to Liz Schimel, Executive Vice President, Consumer Relationship Management and Digital Media, for Meredith:

“Our goal is to provide content that matters to her across all of her passion points, delivered in an immersive and interactive digital experience. Our consumer insights were incredibly valuable during every step of planning and creation.”

For those who already love these magazines, you’ll absolutely adore the iPad versions.

Unfortunately, since each is mostly a reproduction of the print editions, with a few interactive elements thrown in, they are a tough sell. The unfortunate pricing strategy makes it even more so.

For one, current print subscribers cannot download single issues for free.

Second, take a look at the discrepancy between what a print subscription costs and its iPad counterpart:

Better Homes and Gardens and Fitness are available for $5.99 each for yearlong subscriptions. At this rate, the publishers even throw in a free gift.

Parents magazine is available for FREE for a two-year subscription.

At these prices, why would anyone buy the iPad versions?

Until publishers (working with Apple) are allowed to offer iPad subscriptions for magazines that are close to what the print editions cost, these and others magazines will continue to struggle in the App Store.

Or they will eventually go away all together.

Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, and Fitness are available in the App Store.