We took this fun app for a spin last year, check out our review here. Basically, MyFont allows you to create your own fonts. Use your finger to write out each letter and number, give your font a name, and save it. You can do several; maybe a print and a cursive, or a plain and a fancy, or whatever you like. Dot your i’s with hearts or put smiley faces in your o’s. Draw bubble letters or put vampire teeth on each letter or write like a robot might. Design as many different fonts as you like – be creative!

Once you have created a font, you can write notes within the app. MyFont gives you several different papers to choose from, you can use pictures from your photo library, stamps, etc. Then email your “handwritten” creations to whoever you’d like. The newest update also allows you to post directly to Facebook.

But the best part of this new update is that you can send the fonts you create as a TTF (True Type Font) to your computer! It couldn’t be easier to do, simply tap the “send” envelope, select “Send Font”, and then open the file on your computer! You can use your personalized fonts on your Mac or PC; in Pages or in Word documents.

We’ve teamed with developer Amit Harel to offer five promo codes to our readers. To enter to win a promo code, simply comment below and tell me what sort of font you might like to create, and/or how you might use it. Contest ends March 23 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Have fun — and good luck!