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Perfect Downloader: Grab Images, Music, Video, And More From The Web

Perfect Downloader, a universal iOS application, allows users to download almost anything from the Web. This includes music, video, documents, webpages, and much more. After downloading a file via the application, you can use it offline on your iDevice, or transfer it to a computer. Currently, the application is available in the App Store for $1.99. Alternatively, an ad supported free version is available, too. However, with the full version, users can enjoy a variety of benefits - including support for, and the ability to download more than two files at a time. The app also features a rather competent Web browser, via which it is possible to download content that you've viewed online. It's really easy to do potentially tiresome tasks with Perfect Downloader, such as downloading all the images on a webpage (or even downloading the entire webpage). If you want to try the app out, take a look at the free version of Perfect Downloader. And, if you like the application, you can always upgrade to the $1.99 paid version at a later time. If you do download this handy app, let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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