Droplist ToDo - Rapid lists with optional Dropbox sync by Bloomingsoft icon

Droplist ToDo – Rapid lists with optional Dropbox sync ($0.99) by Bloomingsoft is a list to-do manager that syncs with your Dropbox account.

Yes, I’m sure that we are all aware that there are a plethora of to-do and list managers out there already. But there is a new one out that should be given a look at: Droplist.

Droplist combines to-do list management with your Dropbox in a well-designed interface that resembles a wood-framed corkboard with your lists as pieces of notebook paper pinned on. The graphics look great on the Retina Display and really give the app some pop.

Droplist ToDo - Rapid lists with optional Dropbox sync by Bloomingsoft screenshot

Now, since the app uses Dropbox (though this is really optional), the first thing you’ll probably want to do is to set up your Dropbox with the app. Then it’s time to start making those lists and be productive!

Your lists can have a main title and subtitles if needed, with the option to add more items at the top. WIth this, you can even create a multiple-part list. When adding the list items, you simply type and press enter to create a new task – Droplist will automatically format your list with the checkboxes. You can also switch between a header item and a task item with the icon that appears (cycling between a big T and a checkbox).

What’s great about Droplist is that you can also create subtasks by tapping on the indent button that appears when creating a new task. Unfortunately, it appears that you can only create one subtask, so there isn’t the possibility of creating a subtask within a subtask, though no one would probably need to be that precise, right?

When you finish creating your list, the items can be rearranged manually with the Sort button in the corner. You can also swipe to delete and tap and hold on an item to edit. Tapping an item will mark it off as done.

The list can also be emailed with the plain text list formatting, and reminders can be created for your list. These reminders can be set for a day and time, so you can always be sure to get your stuff done (hopefully).

Droplist ToDo - Rapid lists with optional Dropbox sync by Bloomingsoft screenshot

A great feature of Droplist is that you can copy over lists from email, the web, or anything else you have a list in and drop it in the app. Droplist will automatically turn this copied text into a list in the app, no additional work needed! It’s a great feature to have when you share a shopping list by email with your spouse or get emailed a list of things you need to do. Many list formats are supported, so if it looks like a list, it will most likely have no problem being dumped into Droplist.

I’ve noticed that Droplist does automatically sync when you go back to the main listing screen or delete a list, but when editing a specific list, you’ll have to manually hit the refresh button. This can be a bit annoying, and I hope that the developer addresses this in future updates. But if you go back to the main screen, the app does automatically sync any changes.

Since Droplist syncs with Dropbox, your lists are editable on any other computer or third-party Dropbox text editor app.

There is a very useful Help section that will explain everything about the app and also mention known bugs. Currently, the app may sync an old version of a list if your device has an incorrect date, and if lists are edited in their plaintext files, small changes may not show up when refreshed in the app (the fix is to add some lines of blank text below the list). This is great because it shows that the developers are aware of issues and will inform users, also showing that they are working on fixes.

You can also view the About information as well as contact the developers with feedback or suggestions. The app also supports full landscape mode to view and create/edit lists.

I found Droplist to be a pleasure to use and at the introductory price of $1, if you haven’t found a task list manager for you, then give Droplist a whirl. You may be surprised.