Steve Jobs has just announced that iOS 4.3 will be available on March 11.

The next version of Apple’s iOS brings the Personal Hotspot feature to iDevices – a feature Verizon iPhone owners can currently take advantage of. With this feature, Apple fans can effectively turn their iDevice into a mobile hotspot. It’s a great feature, and something we should all be looking forward to.

Additionally, iOS 4.3 brings the “lock switch” back to the iPad – something iPad owners will undoubtedly appreciate. In iOS 4.3, users can customize the lock switch’s function, which is a nice feature of the software update. Other features include the ability to cancel app downloads, a new FaceTime icon for iPod touch owners, and “alert tone settings.”

Most importantly, iOS 4.3 brings support for “app subscriptions.” This new feature will allow iOS fans to subscribe to a digital publication via iTunes, and be billed automatically. It will launch with News Corp.’s The Daily.

Features announced at the event

At the event, Apple announced “homeshare” – a feature in iOS 4.3 that will allow users to stream video from their computer, to an iPad. Apple fans will also be able to stream photos, including transitions. As the iPad 2 comes with cameras, Apple has built an iOS version of Photo Booth, too, which will be included in iOS 4.3.

We’ll have more news on the release of iOS 4.3 soon, so keep refreshing the page for more updates.