If you are a fan of bright lights; glowing-neon style visuals; tower-defense gameplay mixed in with line drawing controls; then we have something for you. It’s fresh out of the the store, and it’s Chillingo’s brand new title; A.I.R Defense HD.

Chillingo’s latest offering was also recently released on the iPhone, A.I.R. Defense ($.99), but now iPad gamers can play the game in its full visual glory as well.

The game was originally going to be called Pentagon Defense. As you can probably tell by its screenshots, the main defensive building looks very much like the U.S. Headquarters of the Department of Defense. The app description even calls the defensive structure you are defending as the Pentagon:

Protect the Earth from alien attack in this futuristic take on tower defense.

Use a variety of defensive fortifications quick fingers and even quicker thinking to keep the Pentagon in one piece during the massive alien invasion.

Rain destruction down on the Alien hordes using a variety of attacks. Not to mention some huge super powered weapons!

Choose from the story driven campaign mode or see how long you can last in the challenging Endless Mode!

The enemies come in all shapes and sizes, including epic bosses. It’s up to you to stop them any way you can!

Tower Defense games are a dime a dozen on the App Store as are line-drawing games, but not many games mix these two genres well. The added benefit of drawing paths with your finger adds interactivity while you try defending the structure form enemy attacks.

Look for A.I.R Defense HD on the App Store for just $.99.