To those of you who are fans of space sims with interstellar trading, dog fighting, and exploration, you must have heard of (and probably own) Galaxy on Fire 2 ($9.99) for the iDevices.

The game is a universal app that kind of sneaked up on the iOS gaming scene with a surprise. This is because the game is quite massive for the platform with gamers used to casual pick-up-and-play titles. It feels like a game designed to play on a PC actually, but comes as a welcome surprised to us who want deeper games on the platform as well.

The new Valkyrie expansion released today adds even more gameplay options and longevity to the title; and it is already available on the App Store. It comes as a $4.99 in-app purchase and has some interesting features as part of its package.To make the expansion possible, FISHLABS has proceeded to update Galaxy on Fire 2 to version 1.05. The app description lists these new additions as part of the update:

• In-app purchase of DLC content, including the exciting new Valkyrie Add-On.
• Classical Galaxy on Fire 3D™ spaceships Wraith, Vol Noor and Phantom re-released
• Kamoo Club: Option to buy a personal space station to store ships and gear.
• Solar systems and planets added to the galactic map.
• Additional spaceships, weapons and equipment.
• Deep Science faction introduced.
• Black market trading system launched.
• Enhanced visuals and special effects.


• Void Asteroids now sometimes drop ores or cores when destroyed
• Terran battleships now have turrets
• Increased the Field of Vision
• NPCs of different faction now use different weapons
• Fog is now correctly blended
• Improved textures of stations
• Improved explosion animations
• Improved lens flares
• Improved brightness control
• Improved asteroid textures
• More diverse voice acting

Various bug fixes have also been implemented in the update. As for Valkyrie itself, the expansion focuses on new weapons, items, equipment, and an additional storyline to complete with full voiceover.

Be sure to check out Galaxy On Fire 2 for $9.99 and the Valkyrie expansion as an IAP for $4.99.