More Angry Birds, a great blogging tool, and some old vinyl albums made up some of the best iPad apps of the week.

AppAdvice iPad App Of The Week – by Inc.

Created by Betaworks and The New York Times Company, is, at its core, a news feed generator. However, where it gets these stories is what makes the app interesting. – Released: April 21 (free); original article

New Apps

NFL 2011 for iPad

The NFL regular season may or may not take place in 2011, but the Draft is still right on schedule, and this year you’ll be able to follow along on your iPad for free with the new official NFL 2011 app.

With the NFL regular season still a few months out — once again, if it takes place at all — NFL 2011 for iPad is mostly focused on the upcoming Draft, which begins on Thursday, April 28th and goes through April 30th. The app will allow you to watch live video coverage of the Draft, review which positions your team needs the most help at, view detailed breakdowns of each player drafted, and set alerts for when your favorite team is on the clock.

NFL 2011 for iPad – Released: April 20 (free); original article


Today’s app du jour seems to be Qwiki, a fascinating iPad app making its debut in the App Store. It presents Wikipedia information in a unique way that is perfect for Apple’s device. Besides, it is backed up by a Facebook Co-founder, which doesn’t hurt.

Called “a seed that will blossom into an Internet wonder,” by The New York Times, Qwiki gives readers a visual representation of the popular Wikipedia website.

Qwiki – Released April 20 (free); original article

Smoody HD

Smoody HD by Federico Kalayjian looks better than ever. This insanely fun puzzler will please your eyes and is a lot more fun on a larger screen. Even if you have already played it on the small screen, you will not mind beating those levels again in the wonderful HD version.

If you own the original Smoody, I want to make sure you know that there are no new levels in this version. It is all the same content, just bigger and prettier.

Smoody HD – Released: April 20 ($3.99); original article

A.I.R Defense HD

If you are a fan of bright lights; glowing-neon style visuals; tower-defense gameplay mixed in with line drawing controls; then we have something for you. It’s fresh out of the the store, and it’s Chillingo’s brand new title; A.I.R Defense HD.

A.I.R Defense HD – Released: April 21 ($.99); original article

Updated Apps


VinylLove by Color Monkey is an app that turns your iPad into a good old fashioned vinyl record player. Kind of.

Do you remember the good old days of playing music on vinyl? I know that there are some that will probably read this and wonder what I’m talking about. Before digital downloads, before CDs, there was the vinyl record. For those that miss those days, there’s now a digital solution to bring you back – VinylLove.

VinylLove – Updated: April 17 ($1.99); original article

Angry Birds Seasons HD

Angry Birds Seasons HD has just received an update. Now, users can play through a new “Easter version,” which adds 15 new levels, a new theme, and “golden eggs a-plenty.”

Angry Birds Seasons HD – Updated: April 18; original article


Blogsy by Fomola is a fully-featured blogging app for your iPad.

The iPad is an amazing device – it lets us consume and create content. However, it was pretty hard to find a blogging app that would make blogging from the iPad an easy and fun experience. Well, it’s time to end that search, because that app is finally here: Blogsy.

Blogsy – Updated: April 20 ($2.99); original article

Moviefone – Movies, Trailers, and News for iPad

Moviefone, the popular and completely free movie discovery app for iPhone and iPod touch, is now available for iPad, complete with a brand new UI that makes finding showtimes, watching trailers and purchasing movie tickets an absolute breeze.

When it comes to movie discovery apps in the App Store, there certainly isn’t a shortage of them. The problem is that most of the free versions of these apps are cumbersome and laden with ads, but not Moviefone – Movies, Trailers, and News for iPad. This clean cut movie discovery app is visually appealing in both landscape and portrait orientations, and navigates just as well as it looks.

Moviefone – Movies, Trailers, and News for iPad – Updated April 20 (free); original article

WriteUp – with Dropbox

WriteUp – with Dropbox by Prasanna Gopalakrishnan is a text editor for your iPhone and iPad.

The App Store has a plethora of writing apps, so choosing the right tool for yourself can be difficult. But if you’re looking for something simple that syncs with Dropbox with support for multiple folders, Markdown, and is a universal app, then WriteUp could be what you’ve been looking for.

WriteUp – with Dropbox – Updated: April 21 ($1.99, universal); original article