Palm Heroes 2 (free) has recently been updated to version 2.1 with many touch-interface features added. Palm Heroes 2 is an iPad exclusive (so far) worth checking out for strategy gamers. This is a game inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series on PC; and a sequel to Palm Heroes which was sometimes called a Heroes of Might and Magic II clone. This second game comes with original content and unique maps — along with other gameplay improvements — made specifically for the iPad’s touchscreen. The original Palm Heroes was ported from Pocket PCs and PDAs.

Palm Heroes 2 is free to download from the App Store initially but comes packaged with only a tutorial and a few maps; to get the most out of the game you have to purchase additional maps as IAPs (in-app purchases). The developer keeps adding maps and campaigns to the game menu frequently via updates. Some of them have their own scenarios with a common-story and others are just single map purchases. There is a lot of content available for strategy fans but be wary what you purchase — as some in-app purchases seem to offer more content than others.

An update was issued April 15 that addresses some of the game’s issues with navigation and controls. It should make the game even more stable and enjoyable as well. Here is the list of changes and additions from the app description:

*new maps and updates notifications

*added new maps

*fixed 4-finger gesture (iOS 4.3.1 feature)

*fixed 3 crash situations

*restored swipe-up gestures to exit game screens

*2-finger hero switching and 3-finger castle switching

*fixed “empty screen with stars” bug

*it’s easier to tap misc slots on hero artifact doll

*fixed switching music between castles

*fixed puzzlemap

*fixed wooden sign message

*increased flying units’ speed

*fixed hotseat interface problems

*no need to hold minimap button anymore

*added 2 and 3 finger hero/castle switching in the corresponding screens

*one-handed mode hero switcher improvements

The Heroes of Might and Magic PC games — that inspired Palm Heroes and this sequel — are part of a long-running and popular series spanning many games; and resulting in a Nintendo DS spin-off. These games are turn-based strategy games with RPG elements that also have deep gameplay mechanics (lots of micro-managing). You can gain heroes as well as improve their skills; form armies to lead into combat; form allegiances; and find many unique items to use in battle. If you are a PC gamer or fan of strategy games with depth be sure to check Palm Heroes 2 out.

Palm Heroes 2 is available for free, now on the Apple App Store.