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My Taptu (Free) by is a social media and newsreader app that allows you to personalize your streams with anything from Facebook to a specific area of interest. Previously, I did a review on HitPad, which is another newsreader app I really enjoyed. But the biggest complaint I had was the lack of personalization of the streams. Taptu allows you to personalize your streams with just about anything of interest to you.

My Taptu by screenshot

When you first open the app, all your streams appear on an individual line. You can read through and get a snapshot of your streams or you can tap on one individual headline to access the full story. Taptu is nice because the full story pulls up right away, and there is no lag time while it goes out to another website. This is a quick way to get caught up on your Facebook, twitter and other top news feeds. To update your streams, simply pull and release the individual stream and the most recent data will show up. You can also manage your streams by category, such as technology or health. Taptu will automatically go out and find various feeds relative to the subjects that interest you.

My Taptu by screenshot

One major thing I do not like about Taptu is the layout. All the streams appear very crammed together. It is overwhelming when you first glance at your screen. There was so much information, it is hard to figure out where start. I do like the idea of personalizing the app and having it all right there at a touch of your finger. However, I just found it difficult to read all the information on the screen.

Since Taptu is free, I would encourage anyone interested to try it, because I think the app is onto a good idea. I just wish the layout was clean like Hitpad or Flipboard.