The UK television network, Channel 4, has recently released an iPad app for its “catch up” service, 4oD. Currently, the app – 4oD Catch Up – is available to download for free, “for a limited time only.”

Once you’ve downloaded the app (and signed up for a free Channel 4 account), it’s possible to access the network’s library of TV shows within 4oD Catch Up.

The application itself runs very smoothly, and the quality of the videos available (when streamed over Wi-Fi) is great. TV shows play following a brief advertisement – exactly like the Web based version of 4oD – and you can watch programmes either in small screen or full screen mode.

Users of the app can browse for shows via four categories – “4oD Recommends,” “Catch Up,” “Categories,” and “A-Z Programmes” – and a “Parental Control” section of the app allows users to set a PIN for age restricted material.

If you’re a UK based Apple fan, check out 4oD Catch Up in the App Store now. As mentioned, it’s currently available for free.