Otto Matic and Bugdom 2 are two visually stunning games, and universal apps, that support the iPad’s larger display. They now offer support for an iPad attachment in the form of the Fling. The iPad gaming peripheral, created by Ten One Design, is a suction cup-based analog joystick that sticks on the iPad touchscreen in the spot (or general area) where a virtual stick is present.

These two games always offered great visuals and 3D platforming gameplay; there aren’t too many titles with a similar style of play on the App Store. Most App Store platformers are 2D and offer side-scrolling gameplay instead of full 360-degree roaming. Control issues could be part of the reason developers stick mostly to 2D platformers — as the difficulty of moving a character around on flat touchscreens can be frustrating. The Fling, however, adds precision and tactile feedback that 3D games can benefit from and these platformers aim to make use of it.

Both Bugdom 2 and Otto Matic have been updated to version 3.2 with the added Fling support. Both titles currently cost $2.99 on the App Store and are developed by Pangea Software. The games were ported from the original Mac versions.

It is really great seeing developers embrace a third party control attachment for the iPad. Lets hope more 3D titles will start utilizing it as it really makes a difference in some genres like: racing games, platformers, dual-stick shooters and first person shooters.

Grab Otto Matic on the App Store with the latest update for $2.99.

Or, grab Bugdom 2 with the latest update for $2.99.