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Topics include ten years of Apple retail stores, what new Apple iOS apps we want to see, morning/nightly routine apps, favorite photo apps, apps of the week, and our picks of the week.

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For those interested the show notes are also included below:

▼ Title – AAL 0014 – Ten Years Of Apple Stores

• Thank @DigitalDroo

• Introduce the Panel

▼ Topic #1 – Ten Years of Apple Stores

• On May 19, 2001, Apple opened its first two Retail Stores in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California. Today, its 324 worldwide stores are celebrating the concept’s 10th anniversary.


Home and Pro – First 25 Percent

Solutions – Music, Movies, Photos, and Kids (still there – kids)

Accessories and Software – 300 plus software

6 of the best: Camcorders, Cameras, MP3 Players, Handheld Organizers

Sony and Canon

Genius Bar – Pictures of Genius’s behind – Einstein

Red Phone Hotline to Call Cupertino for Answers


What is it like today?

▼ Topic #2 – Glad To See Playboy Did Not Make The Approval Process

• Web App – Will others try to make web apps? – Bypass 30 percent fee?

▼ Topic #3 – What Other Apple Mac Apps Would You Like To See Come To iOS?—aperture-coming-ipad

▼ Topic #4 – Nightly/Morning Routine Apps—nightly-routine-ipad-apps—morning-routine-apps

• Topic #5 – Favorite Photo Apps?

▼ Topic #6 – Apps of the Week

• Infinity Blade – Content Pack 3 – Multiplayer

• Yahoo! Messenger – iPad 2 Optimized

• Picks/Tips

▼ Closing

▼ Feedback

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• Outro the Panel

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• Thank you for listening or being here live – until next time this has been AppAdvice Live!