Apple is planning on opening two new Apple Stores in Europe, according to a recent report. Apparently, the stores will be located in Florence and Madrid, with the latter planned to occupy the entirety of an historic seven-storey building.

The news comes from ifoAppleStore, who is usually on-the-nose with Apple Store predictions and news. According to the website, Apple’s Florence retail store will feature in the I Gigli suburban shopping center, on the ground floor (for those interested, here’s a map of the shopping center).

However, the Madrid Apple Store is rumored to be a little grander, occupying all seven levels of a building at #1 Puerta del Sol, overlooking the city’s plaza. While this will be the third Apple Store to open in Madrid, Apple isn’t sparing any expense – the upcoming retail store looks to be incredibly impressive.

If you live in Florence or Madrid, let us know if you’re excited for the new Apple Stores in the comments below!

[via MacStories]