AppAdvice has once again teamed up with Game Doctors in order to offer you a chance to win one of ten (10) promo codes for ZombieSmash HD for iPad ($1.99).

Another casual night at home has turned into something out of a horror flick. Although, you better put the popcorn down for this “survival comedy” because you’ll be needing all of your fingers on this one. The deceased have come from the grave and are craving your brain. Take the role of Joey, as he bunkers in his home, and get prepared to dismember and mutilate waves of approaching zombies.

Thankfully, Joey has acquired some potent weapons to defend himself. You’ll be utilizing cinder blocks, giant boulders, grenades, bombs, rocks, handguns, windmill blades, and much more. Slicing, dicing, and exploding are side fun methods and even last resorts. The primary weapons of ZombieSmash are your fingers. Use these potent extensions of your body to grab zombies, then use a swiping motion to toss, crush, smash, and slam them in all kinds of directions. And yes, you can use as many fingers as you need.

As we’ve all found out from books and films, zombies are relentless creatures with nothing better to do than feed. Therefore, you better get settled for a full 30-days of protecting your once quiet Lost Hills home before being deemed victorious. Didn’t I already say these things are unyielding? That’s right, you’ll soon find yourself barricaded in the compounds of Camp Nowhere for another month of grueling zombie destruction.

While the only screaming you may be doing is because of frantic frustration; ZombieSmash has some dramatic touches to provide at least a few good laugh out loud moments. From the cartoon graphic blood splattering and physics animation to the epic slow motion camcorder view of your final smash, exploding, or slice-and-dice; there should be a few smiling nods of “nice” aching to be expressed.

Two months of virtual zombie killing only getting you warmed up? Take your zombie smashing skills to the endless survival mode, and see just how long you can last against a continuous onslaught of these tiresome beings. Always feel free to check out the ‘free roam’ Sandbox for some practice or efficiency testing, making you the ultimate zombie mangling machine.

ZombieSmash HD version 2.0.1 - Slow Motion

Final smash in slow motion cam

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