A sleeper hit that’s worth checking out was released recently, it’s called Doodle vs Brute: World Domination for iPhone. The game can best be described as a mix between the 90s arcade game Rampage World Tour and Death Worm on the iDevices.

You control a large brute, or monster, and destroy buildings through various means, like punching or stomping on them as you progress through levels. There are also various power-ups and upgrades available to purchase along the way.

The graphics are in the visual style of the various doodle games on the App Store. They are basically pencil-drawn and have the light and fun animation style of cartoons or comics.

The game can be quite challenging and unforgiving due to the limited movements the brute possesses and the many doodle soldiers shooting at him from all directions; causing him massive damage. If you can put up with the challenge and enjoy some grinding for points used to upgrade your brute, check this game out.

You can download Doodle vs Brute on the App Store for only $.99.