The domestic diva is at it again. Just in time for the summer party season, Martha Stewart Cocktails has arrived in the App Store for the iPad.

Created by Callaway Digital Arts, Inc., the app is a follow-up to the popular Martha Stewart Makes Cookies, which arrived ahead of the busy holiday season. Here instead of Chocolate-Coconut Macaroon Cups and Children’s Hand Cookies, we can enjoy Old-Fashioneds and Frozen Margaritas.

Martha Stewart Cocktails includes 20 classic drink recipes recipes. These include the Frozen Bloody Mary, Coffee with Cognac, and Grapefruit-Mint Mojito, among others.

Each recipe includes directions, ingredients, and fascinating histories and tips. You can also forward your favorites via Facebook or email.

There are also sections on barware recommendations, delicious bar-snack ideas, and how-to videos.

Finally, just like with the Cookies app, Martha Stewart Cocktails includes a terrific search wheel. Select your favorite liquor and drink style and Martha will make some suggestions.

Select Your Drink

Select Your Drink

Other features include:

  • A virtual bar that allows you to navigate without your library
  • A place to collect your cocktail favorites
  • Tips on cocktail preparation and stocking a bar
In-App Purchase

In-App Purchase

Martha Stewart Cocktails is reasonably priced at $.99. However, unlike the previous app (priced at $4.99), this one relies on in-app purchases to truly make it unique and thorough.

In this case, you can purchase additional recipe packs for $.99 each. These include Summer Coolers, Mocktails, Regional Favorites, and Cutting-Edge Cocktails. Each contains 20 additional recipes and five bar snacks.

Should the app have been priced higher and included more recipes? That depends on the buyer.

For me personally, $4.99 for a full app would have been more than reasonable. Instead, I’ll probably click the “buy” button a few times within the app to complete my recipe collection. I am especially interested in the Mocktail recipes, which contain no alcohol, for my young daughter and nephew.

Martha Stewart Cocktails is available now in the App Store.

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