Gilt Taste is a recently launched website, which offers visitors a selection of expensive groceries that can be purchased online, and a digital magazine visitors can read in their desktop or mobile browser. However, what has us most excited is the website’s upcoming iPad app, which will reportedly offer users a new way of interacting with digital recipes.

The term TechCrunch is using is “motion activated recipes.” Here’s the idea: When following digital recipes on an iPad 2, instead of having to touch the tablet’s screen with sticky, food-coated fingers to progress to the next section of the recipe, you simply swipe your hands at your iPad. Using the iPad 2′s front facing camera, Gilt Taste’s “motion activated recipes” – which are currently being developed – will recognize the signal, and perform the requested action on your iPad.

It definitely sounds like a good idea to me (although I’ve never tried following a digital recipe on my iPad, I’m sure there’s nothing worse than a flour-and-egg coated touch screen). With Gilt Taste’s new iPad app, amateur chefs will able to interact with an iPad without actually touching it.

Are you an avid cooking fan who often enlists the help of an iPad in the kitchen? If so, let us know if you think this is a good idea in the comments.

And you can check out Gilt Taste by heading over to