On May 19, 2001, Apple opened its first two Retail Stores in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California. Today, its 324 worldwide stores are celebrating the concept’s 10th anniversary.

While we still aren’t 100 percent sure what Apple has planned for the anniversary (SOMETHING is coming this weekend), we do know the Retail Store idea was initially a risk for the company.

For example, one analyst at the time concluded, “I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake,” according to BGR.

Apple - Tyson's Corner Retail Store (at opening)

Apple - Tyson's Corner Retail Store (at opening)

After selling $599,000 in merchandise at its first two stores over a two-day weekend, Apple Retail pulled in $2.36 billion in profit on $9.8 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2010.

Check out this video:

Happy Birthday, Apple Retail Stores.

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