A recently released jailbreak tweak allows SBSettings users to quickly toggle Personal Hotspot on and off with ease.

If you’re not familiar with SBSettings, this handy jailbreak app (which is available in Cydia for free) allows iPhone and iPod touch owners to easily toggle a variety of settings on and off. Once you’ve installed the app, it can be activated via a gesture (for example, swiping across the top of the iPhone’s screen is the default gesture). And the appearance of SBSettings can be modified via themes, which are also available in Cydia.

Importantly, a new jailbreak tweak – “Personal HotSpot SBSettings Toggle” – adds a toggle for Personal Hotspot to SBSettings.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Personal Hotspot an awful lot (because of a faulty Internet connection), and my first impressions of the service – which were excellent – haven’t changed. Arguably, the only issue with Personal Hotspot is having to navigate over to the Settings app in order to enable or disable the service. Fortunately (for jailbreak fans at least), this recently released tweak has corrected the issue.

If you’re a Personal Hotspot using jailbreak fan, you may be interested in checking out the tweak. Simply search forĀ ”Personal HotSpot SBSettings Toggle” in Cydia, and the package should appear.

[via iSpazio, Google Translate]