If you enjoy Norse mythology combined with RTS, empire-building, and MMORPG gameplay elements then you should enjoy the upcoming Lords At War game for iPad.

Lords at War has recently been revealed on the TouchArcade forums by the developer, and the game is looking quite good judging from the screenshots and gameplay descriptions.

The game will take place in a mythical “World Of Midgard” that is based on Norse mythology; and it will have many social elements present for those of you who enjoy online gaming. Judging by the description and screenshots revealed, the game appears similar to Sega’s -KingdomConquest- — and possibly shares similarities with some of the ngmoco social games. However, this is a game based on conquest, expansion and warfare.

“Lords At War is also about making friends, and being part of a guild. Together with other players you can make defense much stronger and crash your enemies easier,” according to the announcement. “You can establish a city, develop various technologies, build supporting structures to massive generate armies & resources to attack other players and other in-game opponents.” [sic]

Look for Lords at War to hit the iPad in late June. A Facebook beta of the game has recently been started for those looking to test the gameplay. You can participate in the beta here.¬†And, here are some of the game’s screenshots: