On5 Games has a mysterious project up their sleeves. They have been working on it for a while and recently released some screenshots to tease us. They are giving us little info about what the upcoming game will be like, but promise it is close to being released.

On5 are the creators of the line-drawing puzzle game, and universal app, TipTop (free) that shares gameplay similarities with the classic Lemmings games.

An entry on One5′s blog from last week, reveals a bit of info and mentions how far they are in the development of this upcoming game.

“We wrote several times that we are close to completing our new massive and very cool project. So, let us repeat that once again, and assure you that this time we are really very close!”

From some of the teases, the game appears to be a sci-fi adventure taking place deep in space with strategic gameplay elements, but it may also be based on an outer-planet invasion by an alien force. Some of the screenshots also seem to make the upcoming game look like it will have tower-defense gameplay similar to Fieldrunners ($2.99).

On TouchArcade forum, On5 revealed the game to be coming to the iPad, but we think it’s safe to assume all iDevice owners will get a chance to play it. Here are some screenshots for you to judge:

Feel free to let us know what you think the game will be about. Also, be sure to grab Tiptop as it is currently free.