OscilloScoop, the newest app from Gravilux maker Scott Snibbe, was released in the App Store literally moments ago. In fact, it’s so new that it hasn’t even populated iTunes proper as of this writing. We can’t even link to it yet, but we did manage to grab a copy and give it a good once-over. So, without further ado, we bring you the scoop on OscilloScoop!

The Scott Snibbe Studio is an artistically audiovisual firm, proving its mettle with apps like the above-mentioned Gravilux and the beautifully austere Bubble Harp. OscilloScoop continues in that same tradition, bringing music creation to the forefront with stylistic graphics and easy, interesting, intuitive controls. Take a look for yourself:

The interface consists of a single pane and three rotating (or oscillating) “crowns.” To interact with these, simply touch them as they spin to carve (or scoop) out the surfaces, modifying the generated sound. The top crown controls the pitch of the melody, while the middle and bottom units control filter-application and volume, respectively. You can select any of six inbuilt beat sets (or purchase extras for a total of 20), change the overall tempo of your track, and save each creation to one of 12 slots.

The Playing field: beats on the left, saves on the right, music in the middle.


If you’d like to get a little more precise with your arrangements, simply rotate your iDevice from portrait mode to landscape orientation. This signals the crowns to “unroll,” giving you a two-dimensional space to more specifically alter each segment.

Precise control in landscape orientation.

Now I know what "APP" sounds like.

A universal binary and only $0.99, OscilloScoop is an outright steal. This is a definite “show-off” app for iPad, and — even though the controls are a bit more cramped — the iPhone version is quite the looker, too.