Plunderland has been updated to version 1.2.1 and offers some nice new additions. In case you’ve overlooked the app, it’s a 2D seafaring adventure that puts you in the role as a commander of a ship full of pirates. The game had been made a universal app a while back, and the developers have been continuing to support it with content updates. It is quite varied and contains mainly physics-based gameplay.

Plunderland is a side-scroller in the sense that the ship cruises on a 2D ocean. You control the cannons and other aspects of its pirate crew as it cruises further along the ocean. Tilting your device controls the movement of the ship. As the ship moves, you will be aiming with your finger to unleash cannon fire on your enemies. You can also interact with the environment and wreak all sorts of havoc as you pass islands and inhabitants.

You must help your pirates take down enemy ships and bosses, some of the bosses can be quite spectacular like the large dragon. And, as you travel and continue your voyage, there is lots of loot to collect and items to find.

The game consists of a couple of campaigns and two arcade modes to play through. With this recent 1.2.1 update, the total number of campaigns is four. Each of these campaigns has a number of levels to play through as well.

The added campaign is called “Revenge On Ice” and the developers promise it is the most ambitious one yet. New graphics, sounds, bosses, items and weapons have been added. Other additions include both landscape and portrait orientations and the ability to play the game via touch controls on the iPad (instead of relying on tilt).

Plunderland is currently available on the App Store as a universal app for $2.99.