Ever found it difficult or downright scary to blog straight from your WordPress page on an iPad?

If you’re like most of us bloggers, you’ve had your share of awful experiences trying to use WordPress with mobile Safari. Its glitches, bugs, data loss, and badly-placed controls leave much to be desired. The growing number of WordPress blogging apps is a testament to that. And while I’ve tested quite a few of them, I’ve found many to be just as buggy and careless with my text.

Fortunately, the major bug that made WordPress admin unusable on the iPad– a memory problem that caused iPad Safari to reload the page each time you switched open windows–was fixed in an iOS update, as were several of WordPress’ own issues in their newer versions. That said, there are still many reasons to consider a dedicated blogging app, not the least of which is their ease of use and (supposed) reliability. These days, it’s still hard to know what blogging app works the best– they all seem to lack something, or they don’t offer a better experience than the WordPress admin panel.

I’m hoping the new QuickWordPress will shake things up a little. It’s lean, uncluttered, and offers most of the essential blogging features (like tag autocomplete, paste from Safari, open and save to Dropbox, and even HTML validation and markdown support) with a simple interface that packs a lot of power without being overwhelming.

We didn’t get around to giving QuickWordPress the extensive testing it requires yet. But, if it works as well as we hope, you can expect a full review very soon. In the meantime, feel free to tell us how it performs for you, or if you know of any better solution.

QuickWordPress is brand new, and is available now for $2.99 in the App Store.