New Signal Process has recently released two new music accessories, both of which are iOS-friendly. The BreakOut Stomp and the BreakOut Stereo are available to purchase now online, and are targeted towards guitarists and DJs respectively.

The BreakOut Stomp is an aluminium pedal that transmits guitar signals both to and from your iOS device. Importantly, the pedal minimizes unwanted distortions and interference, and can interact with iOS mixing apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Unlike the BreakOut Stomp, the BreakOut Stereo is the sandwich-filler between an iOS device and an amp or speaker. As noted by Engadget, the Stereo serves “as a portable conduit between an iPad and an amp.” Furthermore, the BreakOut Stereo can be used with mixing boards and instruments.

You can order a BreakOut accessory by heading over to New Signal Process’ website. The BreakOut Stomp currently retails for $155, while the BreakOut Stereo is available for slightly less, at $135. Check the products out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.