If you’re an avid Instagram fan, you’ll undoubtedly care a lot about your profile’s statistics. Fortunately, one online tool – Statigr.am – can provide Instagram users will all the information they need on their own profile.

Simply head over to http://statigr.am, enter your Instagram login details and a “stats” webpage displaying information on your account will be displayed. As you can see in the above screenshot, the service provides important information on photos, followers, likes and comments.

However, further down the webpage Statigr.am presents more detailed information. Users of the service can check out their “top photos,” “activity over time” and “filter usage,” along with “tagging” and “My community” – which outlines exactly who users engage with the most.

As you can see, Statigr.am provides users with important and interesting information

As mentioned, you can head over to Statigr.am by visiting http://statigr.am in a Web browser. The service is free to use, and is definitely worth checking out. Take a look at it, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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