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DigitZ – Brain-building addictive fun! ($0.99) by TapDream Arts is a puzzle game that test player’s ability to solve simple arithmetic against the clock. Players must quickly analyze tiles as they fall on the screen in a similar style as Tetris.

DigitZ - Brain-building addictive fun! by TapDream Arts screenshot

When the game begins a number is set in the bottom right corner in green. This is the number you will be adding throughout the level. Each falling block has a unique number on it; players must add tiles together to equal the set number. Once the level begins, players must continue to choose tiles that equal the sum until the level is passed.

Players can choose between three levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard. The difference between the three is the value of the set number. While playing on easy, players will find that the set number is ten, and remains ten for all the easy levels.

However, when playing in the hard category, players will find that the set number is not only more difficult to add, but changes with every level. The numbers also seem to vary in value by a large margin.

Though there are few differences amongst the three categories, they each have ten levels, and all become progressively faster. The tiles begin to fall sooner, which then leaves you with less time to add them together before they reach the top. Once all the tiles are filled at the very top row, the game is over and you have lost. If you manage to keep adding numbers long enough to keep the screen from filling, you will pass the level.

I found the first couple levels of each category to be a bit boring, players have sufficient time to add all the numbers and there isn’t much of a challenge. However, I quickly jumped to some of the faster and more challenging levels and immediately noticed a difference. If you’re rather good at math and are up for a challenge, don’t bother with some the slower and easier levels.

Even though the entire premises of the game sounds quite simple and not exactly full of features, the settings offer players much more. Here they will find the ability to switch between several game modes as well as enable a “campaign mode.”

Overall Digitz is an addictive game that offers a great amount of challenge and fun for any player. Whether you’re a child in school just learning basic arithmetic or a graduate student finishing up calculus, anyone is capable of enjoying this game.