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Maui Revealed ($5.99) by Crystal Springs Software, LLC is your personal tour guide for Maui, Hawaii! As you plan your trip to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, this guide will help with all the information needed to make your trip a success!

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Maui Revealed gathers information from all over the island. There are details such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, tourist areas and must-see sights. No need to carry around individual guidebooks, pamphlets or flyers. Maui Revealed fits nicely on your iPhone or iPad. You may even want to install it on both. Navigating the app is simple; you can easily search, select and read about your destination.

Maui Revealed is based on the popular guidebook by the same name written by Andrew Doughty. The author is a long time resident of Maui, and he shares his tips for you to get the most out of this lush and beautiful island.

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GPS functionality is integrated into the guide. If you are out on the island and looking for a nice spot to eat, the app will pinpoint where you are, enabling you to look for nearby restaurants. The map guidance even helps if you do not have a data connection. It will tell you the location of your destination, such as the highway and mile marker. This is especially helpful and means you don’t have to rely on an address for mapping purposes.

A journey to Maui is often the trip of a lifetime. Maui Revealed will help make the most of your excursion and create the best possible trip. The fact that every restaurant, resort, beach and more have been evaluated and reviewed in this guide is amazing! The price seems a little expensive relative to the app market, but at $5.99, this is one of the least expensive Maui guidebooks around.

If you have never been to Maui, you will want to go there after checking out this app. Maui Revealed is a great app idea in a mobile society. I hope more popular tourist destinations will follow!