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Scene It? Movies 2 HD ($0.99) by Screenlife, LLC. If you are considered a movie buff, Scene It? 2 HD will have you reliving your favorite movies while challenging your memory and knowledge. The publishers have come out with another iOS app version that focuses on the big screen.

Scene It? Movies 2 HD by Screenlife, LLC screenshot

When you begin the game, you are given several categories and genres of movies to choose from. These include Musicals, Animations, Comedy, Superheroes and more. Once you choose, you place your wager and then you will be presented with your question. If you get through all the categories in this app, or you don’t like the choices you are given, you can purchase additional ones for $.99 within the app.

There are three different rounds, and each round has a different number of questions to answer. The questions are timed so you have to think quickly in order to earn the most money. If you lose all your cash, the game ends and you have to start over.

Scene It? Movies 2 HD by Screenlife, LLC screenshot

All the questions are different. There might be a movie clip you watch and then answer a question about, or you may see a picture that has the faces removed and you have to figure out who they are. After some questions, if you answer correctly, you are given a bonus question to earn more money.

All the way through the app, you are given the option to purchase the movie after you answer the question. There is also a party mode where you can play Scene It? Movies 2 HD over Airplay on the Apple TV. The app also supports Game Center so you can share your scores with your other movie fanatic friends.

Scene It? 2 HD is a great deal of fun. The variety of puzzles and questions about movies will keep you entertained for hours. The movie clips are fun and they bring back great memories of some of the best film productions ever. This would be an excellent addition to any game night!