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Word Gamers Are Happy About A New Game In The App Store

7 Little Words by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. icon

7 Little Words (Free) by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. is a new twist on a crossword puzzles, and, honestly, I think it's more fun. To start with, there's no crossword grid. Hallelujah!

7 Little Words by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. screenshot

7 Little Words comes to us from the same folks who brought us the Moxie games. They've been in the word game business for a while and know what they are doing.

Once you choose a puzzle set, you will be taken to a screen showing 7 clues and next to each clue, the designated number of letters the answer word is made up of. There are a series of letter combinations below the clue. If you think you know the answer to the clue, begin touching the letter combinations to spell the answer. Each combination can be used only once, so as you solve words your options lessen and this can help you solve clues you are having trouble with.

I was curious about this game and why it is getting a lot of early attention. It looked a bit unexciting before I downloaded it to test it, but I am happy my assumptions were wrong. Yes, the graphics are simple (Blue Ox prefers to keep their apps looking this way), but the concept is brilliant and a fun challenge for those who enjoy word games. It wouldn't hurt for the graphics to be a bit more pleasant, but it doesn't hurt game play at all.

The game is free to download and plenty of free puzzles are provided for you to solve. If you wish, you can pay .99 for more and my bet is you will.

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