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Also New In iOS 5: International Assist - Making Calls From Abroad Has Never Been So Easy

Yet another feature added in the second beta version of iOS 5 is "International Assist." This handy feature - which is USA only, for now - allows the iPhone to automatically add the appropriate prefix to a phone number when making calls from abroad. It would appear that this feature adds the correct prefix to U.S. numbers, when users make calls from abroad. Obviously, it has just debuted in the latest beta release of iOS 5, so little is known (and furthermore, the feature is USA only). However, we can expect Apple to expand this feature over time, using the iPhone's built-in GPS capabilities to make calling from around the world easier than it's ever been before. We'll update you when we have more news on the feature. In the meantime, let us know if you've discovered anything new in iOS 5 beta 2 in the comments. [via iPhone Ticker]