Another handy feature Apple has added in iOS 5 is “Custom Vibrations.” This handy feature allows users to compose their own vibration patterns within the Settings app according to a tip we received.

The feature itself can be turned on in the “Accessibility” section of the Settings app. However, in order to compose new vibrations users much navigate over to “Sounds.” As you can see in the screenshot below we received, a variety of patterns are pre-loaded:

As you can see, a series of vibration patterns are already available for users to choose from

However, the real fun is in creating your own vibration. Touch “Create New Vibration,” and you’ll be good to go: Simply touch the screen in time with your desired vibration pattern, and your iPhone or iPod touch will record the pattern. You can set this sequence as your chosen vibration pattern for calls and texts.

This is definitely a handy feature, and one Apple fans will take advantage of once the final version of iOS 5 is released. For more iOS 5 related articles, check out our tag archive.