Augmented Reality Cinema is an upcoming iPhone app that really can take you to the movies. With the app, it’s possible to view scenes from famous movies when you’re on-location, on your iPhone handset.

Say you’re out in the city (any city, though in the video below London is demoed), and you pass a landmark from a famous movie. With Augmented Reality Cinema, you can view the appropriate scene from that movie on-location, on your iPhone. This might sound a little confusing – which is why we’re urging you to take a look at the below video, because if you ask me, this app looks pretty magical.

In the video, scenes from Harry Potter, The Italian Job and 28 Days Later are all viewed from within the app. I think the effect is great, and only hope the actual application – when it’s released – performs as well as it appears to in the video below. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[via Engadget]