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Calc Pro – The Top Mobile Calculator ($0.99) by Panoramic Software Inc. is a mathematics app that promises to exceed the functionality and customization that the built-in iPhone calculator offers. It features 10 different calculators, financial worksheets, five skins, nine color schemes, eight supported languages and more.

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The iPhone has always had a relatively robust native calculator; basic in portrait and scientific in landscape. Still, many of us (especially in the engineering field as I am) find ourselves with nearly an entire app folder full of applicationss that are technically calculators. These include unit and currency converters, graphing calculators, financial calculators and so on.

Calc Pro – The Top Mobile Calculator expands the definition of what a calculator is and includes just about every kind you could need (and some you never will) in an all-in-one package. There are 10 different types which you can easily change by swiping left and right. Yes, I am going to name them all: standard, scientific, base conversions, graphing, unit converter, currency converter, constants (including over 1500), financial, statistical and time.

Within each of these, there are five display options that allow you to customize what type of decimal or fraction you want in your answer and five modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression and RPN. The graphing portion will also allow you to simultaneously graph several lines, find points or even tangents. A record is kept of all of your calculations and you can have this “tape” emailed to you.

All of this functionality doesn’t come at the expense of looks or customization. You can not only change the button type, but the color scheme of your calculators as well. For anyone who has waited for a pink calculator, it is here.

There are a ton of calculators available in the App Store covering a wide range of need and expertise. Calc Pro nearly spans this entire spectrum without sacrificing anything. This almost perfect app is a must buy and I would suggest you grab it while it is $0.99 and before the price goes back up.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a half-dozen apps I need to delete.