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Cell Carriers Forced to Come Clean?

As consumers we can all agree that the term 4G has been overused and diluted. What does that mean anymore? Well, consumers might actually receive some clarity on this hazy term the networks have been throwing around. TMobile On Wednesday, Representative Anna Eshoo, a congresswoman from California, introduced a billed called the "Next Generation Wireless Disclosure Act." This bill, if passed, would require cellular carriers to inform consumers of network details at the point of sale. The bill would require providers to state the minimum data speeds, network reliability, and coverage of their advertised 4G services. Verizon Network Although this sounds good on paper, giving specific data speeds can be quite difficult because of the complexity of data networks. There are many areas where this could go wrong, but at the same time, it is good to know what you are signing up for during that two year contract. As more and more people adopt devices with wireless data plans, more will be required from the carriers. It is good to know that the government is doing something to address the misleading marketing terms of data networks. What are your thoughts? Will this help or hurt the wireless industry?