The famous jailbreak mastermind, @comex, has recently updated JailbreakMe – the online jailbreak solution, which has previously launched twice. For a while now, many have expected @comex to relaunch JailbreakMe with added support for iOS 4.3.3 and possibly even the second generation iPad. However, as of this moment, no such update has taken place.

Instead, @comex today added a new design to JailbreakMe, titled “It’s been far too long.” As you can see in the above screenshot (or by heading over to JailbreakMe), the page doesn’t bring the expected release, so what’s going on?

According to @iH8sn0w (in response to iPhone Download Blog, via Twitter), these are “git comments,” and refer to @comex’ GitHub webpage. Importantly, the comments highlight that @comex has been working on a new version of JailbreakMe for a long time, since August last year, in fact. Therefore, @comex is reminding his fan-base that JailbreakMe has taken a lot of work.

But, does this also mean a JailbreakMe relaunch is right around the corner? It could – after all, @comex has been teasing us all with tidbits regarding the online jailbreak solution for the past few weeks. If you ask me, JailbreakMe is about to rise once again from the ashes, with support for iOS 4.3.3 and maybe even the iPad 2.

We’ll keep you posted.