A free software development kit is available to download for ThinkGeek’s iCade Arcade Cabinet, meaning iOS game developers can now create applications that are compatible with the “retro” accessory.

Currently, the only application that is compatible with the $99 accessory is Atari’s Greatest Hits, a free app that features a variety of retro games (and more, which can be purchased for $0.99 in-app).

Now, the iCade Arcade Cabinet is available to purchase online, with an expected shipping date of June 27. In order to fill the App Store with iCade-compatible applications, a free software development kit has been released. Using this, iOS developers can create applications that can be used with the accessory, much likeĀ Atari’s Greatest Hits.

Personally, I think the iCade looks great. And now an SDK is available for developers, you can be sure a variety of fun, retro apps will be ready to download by the time the accessory ships.

Are you planning on grabbing an iCade – or, have you already preordered one? Let us know in the comments. And for more information on the accessory, head over to its product page.

[via Cult of Mac]