Apple has tweaked the way emails are handled in iOS 5 beta 2. Now MobileMe and Gmail customers can directly archive emails from the Mail app, according to an anonymous developer source.

When viewing an email via iOS, users have a choice of five icons at the bottom of the screen. They signify: Reload, Move, Trash, Forward, and Compose.

Email Options

Prior to iOS 5 beta 2, selecting Move gave users the ability to send emails to other folders and/or accounts. However, there were limits to where those emails could be relocated.

iOS 5 Beta 2 Email Tweak
Before Tweak – No Archive, All Mail Folder

For example, most users (depending on the email provider) were given a choice of Inbox, Drafts, Sent, or Trash.

Now, however, users can also send emails to an Archive (for MobileMe customers) or All Mail (Gmail) folder.

This looks to be a modest change, but a necessary one. It suggests Apple is planning to better streamline the email archiving process. Of course, this change is only in a beta release. In other words, it might not be available in the final iOS 5 release coming this fall.