An new survey reported by 9 to 5 Mac is painting a very positive picture concerning global iPad and iOS adoption. The study, carried out by analyst firm NetMarketShare, gets its numbers from a worldwide activity audit composed of more than 40,000 popular sites, and the results are extremely encouraging for Apple’s mobile future.

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In short, the survey found that iPad traffic accounts for almost one percent of all internet browsing, mobile or otherwise. Combined with iPhone and iPod numbers, iOS itself is used in 2.38 percent of such activity (or nearly half of Mac’s 5.32 percent market share). Contrastingly, Android users account for 0.76 percent total volume. However, the most interesting point concerns the tablet market specifically: For web activity, iPad is outperforming Android’s nearest competitors — the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom — by a whopping factor of 53!

That’s mighty impressive, and, regardless of what Nielsen says, all indications are that iOS and Android will both continue to rise up the ranks.