It’s day number four of TweakWeek, and Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) has developed and released Read Later Action. This simple-but-handy tweak allows users to quickly and easily send items to Instapaper via Action Menu.

Obviously, if you’re not familiar with Action Menu, this tweak might not make a whole lot of sense. Basically, Action Menu (which you can learn more about here) allows users to perform a variety of “actions” within iOS apps. Now, Petrich’s most recent TweakWeek package adds a “Read Later” action to Action Menu, when sends highlighted content to users’ Instapaper accounts.

As you can see, it's easy to send content to Instapaper with Read Later Action

If you’re interested in downloading Petrich’s latest tweak, be sure to add the following repository to Cydia: “” Once added, simply search for “Read Later Action” – as mentioned, the package is available to download for free.

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