Today’s “TweakWeek” tweak (which is brought to you by Ryan Petrich) is SliderBar, a tweak that brings “quick scrolling” to applications that sport a table view.

This is particularly handy for list apps, like Twitter clients. Once installed, SliderBar adds a series of dots along the right-hand side of the application – sliding your finger up or down these quickly scrolls through the app. If you’re struggling to imagine how this looks and feels, imagine the alphabet that’s positioned alongside the Contacts app – SliderBar adds a similar feature.

Currently, the tweak is available to download for free in Cydia. Simply search for “SliderBar,” and make sure you’ve added Ryan Petrich’s repository – it’s “” And for more information on previous TweakWeek tweaks, take a look at our tag archive.

[Image credit: Jailbreak Movies]