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NxtApp 4 Kids ($0.99) by ICON, LLC is an app for kids to learn and practice their math skills in a fun and challenging way. NxtApp 4 Kids presents questions that will also help with pattern recognition and the logic of numbers. The cute animals and creative music will appeal to kids, and help them stay engaged in the game.

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Back in February, AppAdvice reviewed NxtApp, which is geared more for adults and older kids. That review can be read here. This app is very similar, however the questions have been geared toward the younger elementary ages.

NxtApp 4 Kids presents four different categories of puzzles to choose from. There is add one, subtract one or just add and subtract. Once you choose your category, the questions are presented one at a time. You will have to provide the correct number that belongs next in the sequence of the surrounding numbers. For example, you are given the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, __. The correct answer is 9. (Yeah, I know, that was easy.)

NxtApp 4 Kids by ICON, LLC screenshot

Once you answer a question correctly, you receive a dancing star and move on to the next question. Each category has 10 questions. You are timed, so the replay value is high as you can go back and beat your previous time. You will receive a different set of questions each time you replay a category.

If you answer a question incorrectly, you have to start the entire level over. If you are on question eight and you answer it wrong, you have to start over in order to receive a final score. This is all part of the challenge for kids. It will force them to slow down, think clearly and really make sure they are answering the question correctly.

The features in NxtApp 4 Kids are relatively simple, but enjoyable. This is a great way for kids sharpen their math skills along with their thinking and processing skills. Kids also have to stay calm and not become frazzled as they work toward the correct solution.

NxtApp 4 Kids only has addition and subtraction, so if your child is already beyond that level, you may want to purchase NxtApp. That app dives into more challenging addition and subtraction questions, along with multiplication and division. NxtApp 4 Kids would be an excellent addition to your summer app collection, as it will help kids keep their math skills sharp.