The online game-streaming service, OnLive, hasn’t yet added the ability to play games on an iPad (currently, you can just watch them). However, the release of an OnLive Universal Wireless Controller could provide a solution to the problem of touch-engineering non-touch based games.

What I mean is that one of the biggest issues with OnLive’s service debuting on the iPad, was that the iPad is controlled via a touch screen. As many of you will already know, OnLive deals with Macs and PCs – in short, desktop computers, as opposed to touch screen mobile devices. Naturally, this means that the games OnLive streams are desktop games which aren’t designed to be controlled by touch. Back in December, we speculated that this was one of the key reasons OnLive hadn’t yet made its way to the iPad in full.

However, as mentioned, OnLive is going to come to the iPad at some point. (Recently, the service announced that it was heading to the UK this fall.) Importantly, the development of this Universal Wireless Controller – which is compatible with any OnLive-compatible device, such as the iPad – provides users with a way of playing desktop video games on a tablet, without having to use the touch screen. Problem solved, right?

Recently, Engadget went hands-on with the controller (not tested against an iPad, mind you). And, while the website reported a little lag, the results are largely good, meaning we’re one step closer towards OnLive gaming on iPads – a.k.a. “gamer euphoria.”

We’ll keep you posted on the status of OnLive gaming on the iPad. In the meantime, take a look at OnLive Viewer and see what the service has to offer.