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8 Bit Rally ($1.99) by Photon Creations is a thrilling ride you must experience! If you did any gaming in the early 90s I’m sure you remember racing games like Top Gear (SNES). The 8 Bit Rally game is truly inspired by that retro style and is a perfect old school racer for the iPhone. Don’t get left in the dust, race to the finish on the 40 tracks that span the globe, and ultimately win the 8 Bit Cup.

8 Bit Rally by Photon Creations screenshot

To begin your race for the cup, you must choose your car. As you play, and continue to destroy the numerous tracks and opponents, you’ll be rewarded with prize money. You can spend the prize money in the garage to upgrade your car and make it the best. You can purchase upgrades for your wheels, transmission, and engine along with car model, paint job, and more nitrous oxide for a quick speed boost. Using the accelerometer, tilt your iDevice to take the sharp turns flawlessly. You can even adjust the tilt sensitivity in the options, along with the sound and music volume. I found the default settings were almost perfect, but I did turn up the music a bit. The custom soundtrack for this retro game really makes play even more enjoyable.

Along with tilting, to take on the turns of the track, you have three other controls: the ‘Lead Foot’ (gas pedal), the nitrous boost, and the brake. But honestly, who brakes in a racing game? The people who come in last, that’s who. But in case you are one of those players, it’s there for you if you need it.

8 Bit Rally by Photon Creations screenshot

As you travel around the world, to race against the competition, you’ll break record speeds. The more you play, the more you’ll thirst for upgrades and first place. Can you win the coveted 8 Bit Cup, or will the brake hold you back? Come on! Let’s see who really has a lead foot!