Continuity 2: The Continuation by Ragtime Games LLC icon

Continuity 2: The Continuation ($0.99) by Ragtime Games LLC is a continuation of the great web-based game Continuity. Finally, it’s here for iOS and it happens to be the most interesting game I’ve played on my iPhone thus far.

For those of you who have played Continuity on the web, you will be more than pleased. Not only is it the same type of music, graphics, and gameplay, it also has more intuitive controls because, well, you’re using your iDevice and not a keyboard.

Continuity 2: The Continuation by Ragtime Games LLC screenshot

The best part about Continuity 2 is the effortless manipulation of the environment that you control. Turn your phone sideways, upside down, right side up, down side left — there really is no limit.

Watch your little stick figure guy fall endlessly. I am only assuming the main character is male. I guess technically it’s just an it. But either way I’ve named it “Bob.” Bob will fall until he either hits the bottom, or falls through the game world and dies. But don’t fret! If he does die, he will respawn almost immediately in the last spot occupied.

The greatest challenge is that you have multiple challenges to conquer all at once. The ultimate goal is to help Bob collect the key that will unlock the door at the end of each level.

To get this key, you must run, jump, and fall your way through a maze. To be able to get through the maze, you must move the tiles around and attempt to figure out how to reach the end. On top of all of these obstacles, you’ll also be timed.

The mazes start off easy as you go through the tutorials and learn the controls. But before you know it, you’re pulling your hair out as you attempt to switch and slide tiles around so that you can collect all the coins, get to the key, and make it out, all in record time.

Continuity 2: The Continuation by Ragtime Games LLC screenshot

The only thing missing from this masterpiece is Game Center. I’m not even going to take away points for that, because this game is that good; but add achievements and leaderboards and this would be a six star app.

It’s only one dollar and it’s ridiculously fun. With 50 new levels, you won’t ever get bored. You have to play this to fully appreciate the awesome that is Continuity 2 for iOS. You can thank me later (yes I realize that was a blatant troll invitation).

How quickly can you conquer each level? Give me your best times in the comments!