Strip Yourself by The Other Dingo icon

Strip Yourself ($0.99) by The Other Dingo is a new and easy way to create comic strip photos on your iPhone.

Sometimes you just want to take a photo, have it automatically turned into what you want and—BAM!—done. No sifting through various templates when you just want to make a quick comic strip. No fussing with extra controls when you want to take your photo and be done.

This is exactly what Strip Yourself has set out to do—make a simple comic strip photo instantly. Yes, I know we all love Halftone, with all of the options and templates, but this app offers the bare essentials to get you the end product you want right away—without the fuss and long wait time.

Strip Yourself by The Other Dingo screenshot

The main screen is a camera, ready to take your photos. You may also toggle between rear facing, and front facing camera modes. There are three different options for text: speech bubbles, thought bubbles, or caption boxes. Simply tap the corners to make the bubbles appear in whichever corner you wish. You can also choose to have the captions on the top of the photo or the bottom.

Once you’ve taken your photo, simply enter the text and you’re all set. You have now been stripped! You can either save it to your camera roll, send it to Facebook, or simply start over.

Strip Yourself by The Other Dingo screenshot

The processing of the photo does seem to take a little bit. It really isn’t too long, but I feel that it should be faster, if at all possible, as this app is built to be quick. There currently is not an option to import photos from your camera roll or make a full two or four panel comic strip at once. However, the developers are already considering adding these options in future updates if most of their users ask for them.

Strip Yourself is a lot of fun, as you can tell by my oh-so-dramatic (and somewhat frightening) expressions in the screenshots. Something about comic strip photos warms my heart, and this app executes it in such an effortless, candid way. If you are the type to appreciate simplicity in fun photo apps, this one is definitely worth your buck!